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Blue Wash Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Blue Wash


Our popular Blue Wash Detergent is an innovative laundry detergent in tablet form, in an effort to waste less and protect the earth. Each tablet is made with 100% natural, non-irritating, safe formula, and dissolves instantly in contact with water to efficaciously wash clothes without leaving any residue. Each paper container includes 70 detergent pills, wrapped in Green PE plastic (renewable & reduces carbon footprint)- that's less than $.35 per load! No more messy, skin-irritating laundry detergents. (No wonder it's sold out multiple times!)

NO phthalates, NO parabens, NO synthetic fragrances added.

*Made in Korea.

Blue Wash skips the unnecessary plastic, and uses gentle ingredients that works - keeping both your family and the earth safe!


Directions: (Please Note: Directions on products are in Korean, so we've simplified & translated it for you).

Simply toss the tablet(s) into the washer, add your laundry load, then wash.

1 Tablet = Small/Medium Load

2 Tablets = Large Load

Main Ingredients (EWG Green Level):
Complex Enzyme, pectinase, cellulase, sodium percarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, aloe extract, EM rice fermentation extract, geranium (natural fragrance).

Please do not consume.

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