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Soothing & Acne Assist Set

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Anua's prized ingredient, heartleaf, is known to soothe, hydrate, and overall improve skin complexion. Heartleaf naturally contain flavonoids that provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Clinical trials have also proved that heartleaf is 89.1% effective in reducing inflammatory acne.

Soothing & Acne Assist Set includes:

+ Heartleaf Gentle Facial Cleanser
Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner
+ Heartleaf 80% Soothing Ampoule
+ Heartleaf 78% Soothing Cream
+ Hearleaf 70% Mud Cream Mask
+ Heartleaf 77% Soothing Sheet Mask (2)

**Ingredients list provided in individual product link.



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