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Roseray launched with the vision of making a kind difference in the world through beauty & lifestyle products. We believe true beauty is in the way we live and in the actions we take (no matter how small), but all while taking care of ourselves too.

With that in mind, we started researching and partnering with gentle, eco-conscious, and efficacious K-Beauty brands that promise to progress towards less waste and more earth friendly sourcing/packaging. But this doesn't mean we have to compromise the quality of the products either. All of our products are tested at high standards to make sure that the ingredients used in each product are gentle, great for your skin, and safe for all ages. 

*Kindness in action: Besides taking earth conscious steps, every month Roseray donates a percentage of profits and gives back to the community.

Here are some ways Rose Ray is contributing towards sustainability:

Brands: We are very selective when choosing brands to partner with. We set high standards in terms of quality of products, and require brands to work towards a common goal - a greener earth! We pride on the fact that all of our partner brands are working towards creating more sustainable beauty. 

Packaging:  We use shipping supplies that are eco-friendly, from the boxes, to fillers, the printed ink, and even the tape! We know that using less is more for the earth, but our main goal is to ship out your new products as quickly as possible, and get it to you safely!

Shipping: Roseray currently delivers through Sendle, a 100% carbon neutral service.

Why Korean Beauty (K-Beauty)?:

K-beauty is for all skin. Korean beauty is known for their exceptional innovations when it comes to beauty and skin care (i.e. sheet masks, BB creams, cushion compacts, etc.). That also includes extensive research in finding unique yet efficacious ingredients that actually work for your skin.

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